Thursday, July 14, 2011


事发当时,我在靠近Bulatang Pahang的Tawaka医院前面停着,堵车嘛。还在跟朋友通电谈着Harry Potter多好看,就这样整辆车震了一下,直觉说“衰了”。。。看看倒后镜,那个司机的脸被我的车尾灯照得红红的,有点好笑,我给他配了对白:”Oh no,I'm f***ed.."。他一直猛抓头发,他的女朋友一脸‘嗡’样瞪着我的车。 *狂笑*


老娘还没发火,他逃了?蛋蛋被煎掉了啊?这个年头,讲信用的男人,你们去哪了??#@$%... 呼、吸、呼、吸。。。车牌什么号码?看不到啊⋯⋯他车都‘粘’在我车尾了,看屁啊。。。噢⋯⋯无言。。。

不幸中的大幸,车尾花了少少,不是很深,保险杠开了少少,没裂。轻轻一按还可以归位 =s ⋯⋯ 很安慰一下。。。算了,跟逃兵计较会降低我的人格。想想他的Wira有烂吗⋯⋯ *心声:最好是裂开!*


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi :)

It's been awhile :)
How are you doing?
Have you fulfilled what you dream of doing all these while?
Have you found the meaning of life just like how you said it, live life loud, are you doing it?
Or, you should stop, take a good look around, take a good look of yourself.
Listen to the small voice inside, never forget your motto.
Work hard, play harder :)
Life should be fun!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Power of Social Network

I am sure everybody agrees that social network is powerful, but have you experienced it yourself?

Social network such as The Facebook, in short FB, is really really powerful....... until you can't imagine. FB has this function of birthday notification which it will automatically notify you on your friend's birthday. Good idea for lazy people, like me, who will never ever be able to remember all the birthdays..... sorry, I just can't -.-"

Back to the story, well, on 3rd of Aug, a friend wishes me Happy Birthday. Hmm, something is wrong somewhere, but I still thank her. But what came after that sparks my intention to write this down =X

This friend, who wished me in FB, started a string of wishing activities. The same night, I received a few wishes on FB, sms to my phone. The next day, I get more... more... and more wishes.

It's not that I don't feel grateful that people remember my b'day, but the thing is...... My b'day is on the 5th... which is 3 days more to go =/


Friday, April 9, 2010


带妈妈去买衣服是一件很艰辛的任务。不是不孝,只是妈妈真的很会挑…… -.- 无法想象的挑啊。

还记得最近那次是在罗宾孙,我们逛了一个小时,爸跟弟都有点儿不耐烦了。哈哈…… 结果,大多男生都会做的事,假装看别的东西走开了。。。哎,你们的伎俩难道我会不懂吗?
姐因为回家帮我拿东西而慢了(结果好像还跟梁吵的很凶 —sorry >"<)

我妈很‘吊’,她很敢的在promoter面前跟我大声说,“这样的衣服可以穿么?”、“这样的颜色可以看么?”—— 我想我懂我们很会批评人家的本领是从哪儿来的了……呵呵呵! 

隔天,我们去了另一家百货地方给妈买衣服,蛮高级的,哥最拿手的啦。。妈不懂便宜跟贵,因为她眼力不好了,看不清价钱。我们也不多说 =p 

妈心情很好,从一个品牌到另一个的试衣服,还不断的问我们好看吗?在镜子前,转啊转的……哈哈,女生毕竟还是女生,不管年龄相差多少,对某些事的举止还是差不远的 =)她还挑了几件小礼服,然后偷偷跟我和姐说,“这件很美哦,一定贵死了,我不买。” 我还想说,你不买又拿。但妈就很淘气的接着说,“试穿不用给钱,不要紧!” 笑着走进更衣室了。

妈挑剔不是因为不想买,而是她习惯了节俭的生活。以前家境没现在的好,省吃省穿都把最好的留给我们四个扑满。而且爸妈小时候也没过得像我们小时候一样。现在,爸妈应该跟我们调换角色了,我们来当家长,他们来当小孩 =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Am I getting older?
I guess I am.
Feel so tired even though I ain't doing much.
Must be headache!

Went Ipoh to custom make my dress.
Cost me a bomb!!!
Pray hard it's gonna looks exactly how I imagined it s'posed to be.

And of course, I went to get some delicious Ching Han Guan's cookies.
This time, no yolk (sad...)
But it's healthier for dad and mom =)
We sapu 10 in less than 2 hours.
Scary right?... -.-

Fetch Pan back from boarding pet shop.
They messed him up again.
Spent money and invited more mess to myself...
Just brilliant!

Stupid Cindy went Nong & Jimmy without me AGAIN!
But it's ok.
My mom cooked us super duper extra ordinary tasty delicious tomato crabs!

Haiz... 22.48pm
I didn't have time to do my work...
This month gonna submit 0% again T_T

Suak, shower time!

Hehehe =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Indeed I do.
Frankly speaking, it's a great relief to know that you are doing well beyond expectations.
One true brave lil lady.
Just like the person I knew, or, maybe more, or maybe, not.
So, I guess it's time to bid good-bye.
Time to claim the space you took long, long ago.
I wish you good luck and;
I hope your words will come true.
And truly it is what I wish it would too.
So long, my once-bosom-friend.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Its 5

My baby turns 5 tonight.
Happy Birthday.